Take Responsibility For Your Child’s Education and Move On!

For parents of children with special needs, it’s essential to let go of issues in special education that you cannot change. Every child in the school system will have good years and not-so-good years. Special Education is not any different. However, you are your child’s essential advocate, you must take responsibility for the current situation and MOVE ON!

Blaming staff members for not being accountable for your child’s education is pointless. You can’t change anyone else’s actions, but you can become accountable yourself for not letting irresponsible staff members effect your child’s progress. Yes, you may be angry that they did not fulfill their job obligations, but admit it… you are also angry at yourself for not catching it sooner. Your child will benefit much more when you can take inventory of where their learning is currently at and what positive steps can be made for change.

Three ways to move on and improve your child’s education:

  1. Review your child’s education and pick 5 priorities for the next 30 days for your child to work on.
  2. Talk with staff members at the school to discuss your new-found priorities.
  3. Share your priorities with your spouse and the child’s siblings to assure everyone is focused.

By including all members of your child’s life in on the new game plan, you are creating a team of inspiration and energy that can help you move forward from the not-so-great decisions that may have been made in the past. Remember, education is a journey and all experiences lead us to the people we are, your special needs children will appreciate the wide ranges of experiences, perfect or not.